A Taxonomic Revision of Styppeiochloa (Arundinoideae: Poaceae) in Madagascar

  • Jordan K. Teisher Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Maria S. Vorontsova Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
  • Marina Rabarimanarivo Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Stefan Porembski Universit├Ąt Rostock
  • Peter B. Phillipson Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Africa, Arundinoideae, diversification, grasses, new species, Poaceae, Styppeiochloa, taxonomy


The grass genus Styppeiochloa De Winter (Arundinoideae: Poaceae) as it occurs in Madagascar is reviewed, two new species are described, and two subspecific taxa are elevated to species status. These new species, as well as the additional collections made since the latest treatment of the genus for Madagascar in 1954, greatly expand the documented geographic and ecological range of Styppeiochloa as a whole and demonstrate that a substantial diversification of the genus has occurred in Madagascar.