A Monographic Conspectus of Myrcia sect. Calyptranthes (Myrtaceae) from South and Central America


Myrcia DC. sect. Calyptranthes (Sw.) A. R. Lourenço & E. Lucas is a section of the Neotropical genus Myrcia with ca. 260 known species. This paper provides a taxonomic revision of 89 species occurring across South and Central America, including the Amazon, Andes, Guiana Shield, and Mesoamerica, and extending into the Caribbean archipelago, but not including those previously treated from the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. The treatment includes an identification key, informal taxonomic groupings and notes, geographic distribution information, and extinction risk assessments. Figures illustrating key morphological characters of the genus are provided including common leaf, flower bud, and inflorescence arrangements. Ten new synonyms, eight new lectotypes, and four new combinations are proposed, and a key to treated species is supplied.