Taxonomic Revision of Tarenaya (Cleomaceae)

  • Raimundo Luciano Soares Neto Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
  • William Wayt Thomas New York Botanical Garden
  • Eric H. Roalson Washington State University
  • Maria Regina de Vasconcellos Barbosa Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Keywords: Brassicales, Neotropical flora, New World Cleomaceae, typification


A taxonomic revision of the species currently circumscribed in Tarenaya Raf. (Cleomaceae) is presented here. Tarenaya comprises 38 species distributed from Mexico to Argentina (except for Chile) and the West Indies, and with one species disjunct in Central Africa. We present a new combination, 14 lectotypifications, and two neotypifications, and describe a new species endemic to Espírito Santo, Brazil. We provide a detailed description of the genus, an identification key to the species, and, for each species, we provide descriptions, geographic distribution data, and preferred habitats, diagnostic features, morphological comments, extinction risk assessment, photographs, illustrations, and distribution maps.