Taxonomic Revision of Barbacenia (Velloziaceae) Atlantic Forest Inselberg Group, with Two New Species

  • Renato Mello-Silva† Universidade de São Paulo
  • Andressa Cabral Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: Anatomy, Atlantic Forest Inselbergs, Brazil, identification key, IUCN Red List, lectotypes, morphology, Neotropics, neotype, synonyms


The systematics of the Barbacenia Vand. Atlantic Forest Inselberg group (Barbacenia AFI), and the description of two new AFI species, B. amphirupia Mello-Silva & Andr. Cabral and B. maritima Mello-Silva & Andr. Cabral, are here presented. Lectotypes are designated for B. fannieae (N. L. Menezes) Mello-Silva, B. mantiqueirae Goethart & Henrard, B. purpurea Hook. var. minor Seub., B. squamata Herb., and Vellozia coerulescens Hort. Belg. ex Gumbl., and a neotype is designated for B. foliosa Goethart & Henrard. Barbacenia burlemarxii L. B. Sm. & Ayensu was placed into synonymy of B. pabstiana L. B. Sm. & Ayensu, B. caricina Goethart & Henrard of B. brevifolia Taub., B. gaveensis Goethart & Henrard, B. foliosa, B. purpurea var. minor, and B. seubertiana Goethart & Henrard under B. squamata, B. ionantha L. B. Sm. and B. monticola L. B. Sm. & Ayensu under B. irwiniana L. B. Sm., and V. coerulescens under B. purpurea. An identification key and morphological and anatomical descriptions for the species are presented, as well as comments on the affinities among the species, geographical distribution, and conservation status.