Synopsis of Ozobryum (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta), and Sequential Bayes Evaluation of Genus Integrity

  • Richard H. Zander Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Constructivism, evidentialism, Granger causality, macroevolutionary systematics, Molendoa, Ozobryum, probabilism, Shannon-Turing analysis


Ozobryum G. L. Merr., once synonymized with Molendoa Lindb., is recognized as a good genus of Pottiaceae based on evaluation of it as a distinctive dissilient genus. Populations from Mexico are described as a new species, O. mexicanum R. H. Zander. The species Anoectangium warburgii Crundw. & M. O. Hill is transferred to Ozobryum. The genus is synthetically evaluated as integral in respect to other genera of the Pleuroweisieae through combination of critical methods of probabilism, including scientific theory, Granger causation, and verificationism, and of evidentialism, including constructivism, likelihoodism, Bayesianism, and analytic methods of classical taxonomy.