The Genus Drypetes (Putranjivaceae) in Liberia: An Annotated Checklist with a New Species, D. liberica

Keywords: Drypetes, Liberia, new species, Putranjivaceae, typification, West Africa


We present an annotated checklist of the 14 species of Drypetes Vahl (Putranjivaceae) that occur in Liberia, as well as distribution maps of the country for each. Three species are new records for Liberia: D. floribunda (Müll. Arg.) Hutch., D. klainei Pierre ex Pax, and D. laciniata (Pax) Hutch. In addition, we describe a new species, D. liberica Quintanar & D. J. Harris, an understory shrub or small tree that is endemic to Liberia. Based on the specimens studied, we provide types for all names, including 14 newly selected lectotypes, in order to stabilize the nomenclature of the taxa involved. We also lectotypify one species, D. leonensis Pax, that for the moment we do not cite for Liberia, but the name has been the source of confusion with a species that does occur in the country.