Insights into the Systematics of Tribe Duranteae (Verbenaceae) II: A Taxonomic Revision of the New World Genus Duranta

  • Pablo Moroni Instituto de Botánica Darwinion
  • Nataly O'Leary Instituto de Botánica Darwinion
Keywords: Duranta, Duranteae, Verbenaceae


A comprehensive taxonomic treatment for the New World genus Duranta L. (Duranteae, Verbenaceae) is presented for the first time. The genus consists of shrubs or small trees that are largely distributed in the Neotropics. The analyses of the morphological features support the recognition of 31 Duranta species. Duranta repens L. var. canescens Moldenke and D. mutisii L. f. serrulata Moldenke are elevated to the species rank. The previously misunderstood identity of D. obtusifolia Kunth is here untangled and properly discussed, while D. buxifolia Poir., endemic to the Caribbean, and D. xalapensis Kunth, endemic to Mexico, are resurrected from the synonymy of D. triacantha Juss. and D. erecta L., respectively. Eight taxa are here synonymized: D. brachypoda Tod. (= D. erecta), D. repens var. lopez-palacii Moldenke (= D. canescens P. Moroni), D. repens var. serrata Moldenke (= D. stenostachya Tod.), D. sprucei Briq. var. breviracemosa Moldenke (= D. mutisii), D. arida subsp. serpentina R. W. Sanders & Judd (= D. arida Britton & P. Wilson), D. peruviana var. longipedicellata Moldenke (= D. peruviana Moldenke), D. parvifolia Moldenke (= D. vestita), and D. vestita var. glabrescens Moldenke (= D. vestita Cham.). Duranta cajamarcensis Moldenke and D. parviflora Turcz. are reclassified as belonging to genera Citharexylum L. and Priva Adans., respectively. Lectotypes are designated for the names D. recurvistachys Rusby (second-step), D. rostrata Pasq., and D. xalapensis Kunth. Furthermore, D. penlandii Moldenke is reported for the first time in Colombia.


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