The Genus Glandularia (Verbenaceae) in Brazil

  • Nataly O’Leary Instituto de Botánica Darwinion
  • Verônica Thode Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: Brazil, flora, Glandularia, taxonomy, Verbena, Verbenaceae


Glandularia J. F. Gmel. (Verbenaceae) is the largest genus in the tribe Verbeneae, with ca. 84 species distributed mainly in temperate North and South America. A complete taxonomic revision of Glandularia in Brazil is provided. Thirty-one species and one variety are present in Brazil, 11 of these being endemic, principally in the southern area of the country. A detailed morphological description is given for each taxon as well as a key for their identification, illustrations, synonymy, distribution, lists of selected specimens, and discussions about the relationships among closely related taxa. A new combination, G. tomophylla (Briq.) N. O’Leary & V. Thode, is here proposed, six new synonyms are suggested, and two lectotypes are designated for Verbena chamaedryfolia Juss. f. strigosa Chodat and V. humifusa Cham.