Revision of the Didymopanax Group of Neotropical Schefflera (Araliaceae)

  • Pedro Fiaschi Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
  • Gregory M. Plunkett New York Botanical Garden
Keywords: Araliaceae, Brazil, Didymopanax, Neotropics, Schefflera, Sciodaphyllum


A taxonomic revision of the species belonging to the Didymopanax group of Neotropical Schefflera J. R. Forst. & G. Forst. (Araliaceae) is here presented. This monophyletic group is currently recognized only informally, and comprises 37 species mostly restricted to small areas of lowland to mid-elevation tropical regions across Brazil and adjacent southern Venezuela. Five names are newly placed in synonymy: Didymopanax gardneri Seem. var. ellipticus Marchal [= Schefflera glaziovii (Taub.) Frodin & Fiaschi], D. morototoni var. sessiliflorus Marchal [= Schefflera morototoni (Aubl.) Maguire, Steyerm. & Frodin], Schefflera megacarpa A. H. Gentry [= Schefflera confusa (Marchal) Harms], Schefflera morototoni var. angustipetala (Marchal) Frodin [= Schefflera tamatamaensis Maguire, Steyerm. & Frodin], and Schefflera yutajensis Steyerm. & B. Holst [= Schefflera quinquecarinata Steyerm.]. Thirty-two names are lectotypified: D. angustissimus var. conspicuus Marchal [= Schefflera angustissima (Marchal) Frodin], D. anomalus Taub. [= Schefflera angustissima], D. claussenianus Decne. & Planch. ex Marchal [= Schefflera calva (Cham.) Frodin & Fiaschi], D. falcatus Marchal [= Schefflera angustissima], D. gardneri var. ellipticus Marchal, D. morototoni var. poeppigii (Decne. & Planch.) Marchal [= Schefflera morototoni], D. morototoni var. sessiliflorus Marchal, D. venulosus Taub. [= Schefflera vinosa (Cham.&Schltdl.) Frodin & Fiaschi], Panax sericeus Pohl ex DC. [= Schefflera vinosa], P. speciosus Willd. [= Schefflera morototoni], P. splendens Kunth [= Schefflera morototoni], Schefflera angustissima, Schefflera burchellii (Seem.) Frodin & Fiaschi, Schefflera calva, Schefflera cephalantha (Harms) Frodin, Schefflera confusa, Schefflera cordata (Taub.) Frodin & Fiaschi, Schefflera decaphylla (Seem.) Harms, Schefflera distractiflora (Harms) Frodin, Schefflera gardneri (Seem.) Frodin & Fiaschi, Schefflera glaziovii, Schefflera longipetiolata (Pohl ex DC.) Frodin & Fiaschi, S. lucumoides (Decne. & Planch. ex Marchal) Frodin & Fiaschi, Schefflera macrocarpa (Cham. & Schltdl.) Frodin, Schefflera malmei (Harms) Frodin, Schefflera morototoni, Schefflera morototoni var. angustipetala, Schefflera paraensis Huber ex Ducke [= Schefflera decaphylla], Schefflera selloi (Marchal) Frodin & Fiaschi, Schefflera succinea Frodin & Fiaschi, Schefflera vinosa, and Sciodaphyllum paniculatum Britton [= Schefflera morototoni]. Additionally, D. pachycarpus Marchal [= Schefflera calva] is neotypified. We also provide information on the taxonomic history of Didymopanax Decne. & Planch., general morphological comments on the Didymopanax group, an identification key to species, and for each of the accepted species, the geographic distribution, preferred habitats, diagnostic features, illustrations, maps, a list of examined material, and nomenclatural comments. A list of exsiccatae with all examined specimens is also provided.