Synopsis of the Genus Pterichis (Orchidaceae) in Colombia

  • Marta Kolanowska University of Gdańsk
  • Dariusz L. Szlachetko University of Gdańsk
Keywords: Cranichideae, IUCN Red List, Neotropics, Pterichis, taxonomy


The genus Pterichis Lindl. encompasses terrestrial orchids characterized by tuberous roots, rosulate leaves, non-resupinate flowers with floral bracts, and ovaries densely ciliate or pubescent. The concave lip of the genus representatives is usually ornamented with a series of knoblike or clavate cells. The geographical range of Pterichis extends from Costa Rica and Jamaica to Bolivia, but the greatest species diversity is observed in the Colombian Andes. The aim of the current study was to present a critical review of the Colombian representatives of Pterichis. As a result of examination of herbarium material and field observations, 17 species are accepted. They are arranged in two sections: Pterichis sect. Pterichis, which encompasses plants with petals free from the dorsal sepal, and Pterichis sect. Acraea (Lindl.) Kolan. & Szlach., established in this paper, which is characterized by petals being adnate to the dorsal sepal. A key to the species identification and their distribution maps are provided. The morphological characteristics of national genus representatives are accompanied with line drawings of their perianth segments, information about their geographical range and vertical distribution, and brief notes on their taxonomic affinities. A lectotype is designated for P. galeata Lindl. Additionally, the conservation status of each species is determined based on IUCN criteria.