A Monograph of the South American Species of Draba (Brassicaceae)

  • Ihsan A. Al-Shehbaz Missouri Botanical Garden
Keywords: Brassicaceae, Cruciferae, Draba, Erophila, new species, South America, Tomostima, typification


Eighty-two species are recognized in the present revision of South American Draba L., of which D. humbertii Al-Shehbaz, D. quearaensis Al-Shehbaz, and D. yungayensis Al-Shehbaz are described as new from Venezuela, Bolivia, and Peru, respectively. The generic limits and current knowledge of molecular, cytological, breeding systems, and distributional data are briefly discussed primarily in connection with the South American representatives. Lectotypes are designated for Nesodraba Greene and 32 species and infraspecific taxa, including D. aretioides Humb. & Bonpl., D. aretioides var. leiocarpa O. E. Schulz, D. atuelica Chodat & Wilczek, D. atuelica var. histutior O. E. Schulz, D. benthamiana Gilg, D. brackenridgei A. Gray, D. cheiranthoides Hook. f., D. cheiranthoides var. leiocarpa O. E. Schulz, D. chodatii O. E. Schulz var. subtorta O. E. Schulz, D. cryptantha Hook. f., D. depressa Hook. f., D. discoidea Wedd., D. extensa Wedd., D. farsetioides Linden & Planch., D. gilliesii Hook. & Arn., D. grandiflora Hook. & Arn., D. hemsleyana Gilg, D. herzogii O. E. Schulz, D. obovata Benth. var. dasycarpa O. E. Schulz, D. pachythyrsa Triana & Planch., D. pamplonensis Planch. & Linden, D. pickeringii A. Gray, D. pseudoeuryops Linden & Planch., D. pulvinata Turcz., D. rosularis Chodat & Wilczek, D. schoenleinii F. Meigen, D. scopulorum Wedd., D. scopulorum var. elongata Wedd., D. siliquosa Hook. f. var. antisana Hook. f., D. splendens Gilg, D. thlaspiformis (Phil.) Al-Shehbaz, and D. violacea Humb. & Bonpl. Two other taxa are synonymized here under what follows in parentheses: D. macleanii Hook. f. var. stylosa A. Gray (= D. pickeringii) and D. solitaria O. E. Schulz (= D. ochropetala O. E. Schulz). Draba confertifolia Turcz. and D. pycnophylla Turcz. are reported here for the first time as new to Colombia, D. discoidea and D. soratensis Wedd. as new to Peru, and D. cuzcoensis O. E. Schulz as new to Bolivia.