A Synopsis of Briza, Brizochloa, and Chascolytrum (Poaceae, Pooideae, Poeae)

  • Liliana Essi Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
  • Hilda Maria Longhi-Wagner Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
  • Tatiana Teixeira de Souza Chies Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Keywords: Americas, Briza, Brizochloa, Calotheca, Chascolytrum, Erianthecium, Europe, Gymnachne, Lombardochloa, Microbriza, Poaceae, Poidium, Rhombolytrum


A taxonomic revision of the Briza complex was carried out, including the genera accepted by past authors as subgenera or sections of Briza s.l. (Briza L., Calotheca Desv., Chascolytrum Desv., Lombardochloa Roseng. & B. R. Arrill., Microbriza Parodi ex Nicora & Rúgolo, and Poidium Nees) as well as other related genera (Brizochloa V. Jirásek & Chrtek, Erianthecium Parodi, Gymnachne Parodi, and Rhombolytrum Link). As a result of the morphological analysis presented here, confirmed by other studies with molecular data, Briza is accepted with three Eurasian species, Brizochloa is accepted with one species, and a new circumscription for the genus Chascolytrum is proposed. This new circumscription includes all the accepted South American species that were previously assigned to the other genera cited above. Descriptions and illustrations of three species and one variety of Briza, one species of Brizochloa, and 22 species and two varieties of Chascolytrum are provided, as well as IUCN conservation status for most species. A new status is proposed for Briza media f. caucasica Marcow.: Briza media var. caucasica (Marcow.) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies. The following name is newly transferred: Chascolytrum rufum var. sparsipilosum (Roseng., B. R. Arrill. & Izag.) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies [≡ Briza rufa var. sparsipilosa Roseng., B. R. Arrill. & Izag.]. Keys for genera and species are also provided. Lectotypifications are provided for Briza neesii Döll and Briza triloba Nees.